"In 1963, 265 insurers signed a
 Consent Decree drafted by the
 U.S. Justice Department and
 Attorney General Robert Kennedy..."

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  We welcome you to consentdecree.com. Our "site" is totally dedicated to the enforcement mission surrounding the Federal Antitrust Consent Order filed by the United States Justice Department on October 23, 1963. It is the goal of our community to provide the necessary energy, research and diligence to bring about industry awareness in respect to these same issues we face today. 

  Our purpose is to attract as many serious, dedicated industry professionals and consumers to this site as possible. Every one of us has access to other sympathetic individuals local to your area who are willing and able to help. Please request that they register at consentdecree.com and they too can assist in our mission.

  Please respect Federal Antitrust Guidelines while participating, as we do not want to fall prey to outside hacking and find ourselves against the wall.

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