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  Our mission to enforce the 1963 Consent Decree is about the citizens of the United States and their “right to choose” . This statement is as American as the Declaration of Independence.  One’s right to choose a collision repair facility is as sacred as one’s right to choose a doctor, a hospital a church or which bank to use. Unfortunately, for the American public the insurance industry has gained entirely too much power. This ability to manipulate the consumer’s marketplace is evident by the way our nation's state insurance departments appear to be willing to safeguard the same industry they where empowered to regulate.  Senator John Sherman said it best:

     “a kingly prerogative, inconsistent with our form of government.”  He reasoned that “if we will not endure a king as a political power, we should not endure a king over the production, transportation and sale of any of the necessaries of life.”        

  Our United States Department of Justice under the direction of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy investigated the concerns of the collision repair industry and found that 265 insurance companies were in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. To put an end to this abusive behavior a Federal Antitrust Consent Order was signed on October 23, 1963. This perpetual agreement was written to eliminate insurance company manipulations of the collision repair marketplace.

  We welcome you to consentdecree.com a "site" totally dedicated to the enforcement mission surrounding the Federal Consent Order filed by the Justice Department on October 23, 1963. It is the goal of our community to provide the necessary energy, research and diligence to bring about industry awareness in respect to these same issues we face today.

  Special Note: This site is totally dedicated to serious discussion in respect to enforcement of antitrust laws written to protect citizens of the United State of America. Other sites are available for gossip, technical expertise, and the day to day trivial post. Please respect the purpose of our mission and keep the frivolous post from these sessions.

  Our purpose is to attract as many serious, dedicated industry professionals and consumers to this site as possible. Every one of us has access to other sympathetic individuals local to your area who are willing and able to help. Please request that they register at consentdecree.com and they too can assist in our mission.

  Please respect Federal Antitrust Guidelines while participating, as we do not want to fall prey to outside hacking and find ourselves against the wall.

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