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How You Can Help ... is accepting help and assistance from those sympathetic to our cause in assorted ways:

Financial Donations:

Yes, we will accept donations towards our mission. Any amount of financial assistance will help our cause. We have no limits or categories in which to target or request funding. If you feel our quest is meaningful towards the quality of your life and that of your family please send whatever amount you can afford. Our pledge to you is any amounts received by will be utilized for the sole purpose of leveling the playing field in which our enterprises operate.  Please forward all donations to:, P.O. Box 325, Lionville, PA 19353.

Community Volunteers:

Our mission is to protect the independent collision repair business market place.  Our goal is to provide quality oriented safe pre-accident / pre-loss collision repairs for our customers / consumers. We are very serious about this endeavor and protect the strategies of our plan by a secured room on this site. If you feel you can help our efforts and promise to dedicate a small segment of your day, each and every week please register to become a community resident.

Public Volunteer:

The are many people who sympathize with our mission but do not work within our independent collision repair industry. We welcome anyone’s help and assistance as long as they agree to respect the mission and goals of our community. As consumer advocates our objective is to intervene on behalf of the consumer when an insurance company proposes to repair their damaged vehicle to a condition less than it was originally designed and manufactured. is a place for concerned consumers to assemble and work together towards enforcement of a legal remedy that safeguards the rights of consumers and protects them from the third party payee.       

Pass the Word:

The importance of our web site is to rally around the Consent Order and seek enforcement of this document by the United States Department of Justice. We will also utilize this site to educate and protect the consumers of America who reach out to our community for assistance as they go through the process of auto damage claims handling. Who better understands the process that occurs after an automobile accident than the independent collision repairer who has the consumer’s best interest in mind. Please pass the word …

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